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Our History

Almost twenty years ago a young man reached a fork in the road. At the time he was offered a promotion while working for a construction company. They offered him the opportunity to train for a position as a foreman of a road crew. It was financially advantageous, but creatively stifling.

One fork offered security, all benefits and a solid future. The other required taking a chance and saying no thank you. Now, looking back, it was a good decision. Going into business for himself allowed him the chance to use his creativity and design talent to build concrete projects he could be proud of for the unique achievements they are.

Did he give up a safe future by taking the wrong fork? Through hard work, constantly honing his skills and treating each customer with honesty and excellent customer service, he built his concrete construction company, All Terrain Construction.

As of today he is incorporated, insured and bonded. He has achieved financial security on his own. Most importantly, he will leave behind a legacy of concrete installations that are pure artistry and perfection.

Our Crew

Our crew is the new generation of skilled and dedicated concrete workers. Three have been personally trained by Scott to follow in his footsteps. Scotty, Brandon and Cody are the three sons as committed to the family business as their Dad. Like him, they are perfectionists. They start the job on time. They finish on time, weather permitting. They leave the homeowner with a meticulously-constructed driveway, or other concrete installation.

Scott, the founder of All Terrain Construction, is proud of their expertise.

Our Work

As a proud homeowner, you want to see your house as others see it. The first thing visitors do is turn into the driveway. Do they notice the house first? No. First they notice the driveway they are entering the property on. Is it neat? Is it plain gray or is it unique in some way?

A colored stamped driveway can match the brick on your home. The color can blend with the siding on the home. You can have one these features. You can choose to have bright flowers bordering the driveway.

Imagine coming home to this vision every day. Imagine how proud you will feel about the exterior landscaping as you enter your property on this magnificent driveway. Imagine knowing the concrete is durable and will look this beautiful decades from today.

Rinse it off with the hose after a dusty summer week. Shovel or plow the snow away during the wintry weather. Underneath – you will always have the handsome color or pattern. It won’t fade or crumble. Asphalt crumbles. Concrete lasts a lifetime.